Our Story

Originally home to Lord Fairfax, royal commissioner of customs for King George III.

Passing into the possession of the Dukes of Devonshire in 1756, No.1 provided a fine London address close to the Court of St. James’s. Home to the distinguished Royal Geographical Society from 1870. Hawkes, the most prestigious military and court tailors in London, purchased No. 1 in 1913, establishing Savile Row as an epicentre for fine tailoring. The House would go on to become synonymous with London style, dressing the wealthiest and most powerful from Royal Dukes to the political, aristocratic and military establishment.

Today, resplendent No.1 serves as the global headquarters of a British luxury brand dedicated to the pursuit of excellence.


ROYAL TAILORS SINCE 1809 Warrants holders since 1809, Gieves & Hawkes has continuously enjoyed the patronage of British royalty, reinforcing its unparalleled pedigree and international status

In 1953 the House famously made Her Majesty the Queen's boat cloak photographed by Cecil Beaton. Other British royals have been dressed by Gieves & Hawkes including Charles, Prince of Wales, the Queen's father and grandfather, George VI and George V, as well as the royal Princes William and Harry. Over the years Gieves & Hawkes have tailored clothes for the royal houses of Denmark, Norway, Greece, Romania, Ethiopia, Lesotho, Jordan, Iraq, Malaysia, Brunei, Thailand and Tonga as well as the Aga Khan. Today the House’s three Royal Warrants stand in recognition of unrivalled quality and service.