Gieves & Hawkes Bow Tie

A debonair gentleman always wears a bow tie, as it shows your personality and confidence. Mastering the skill of tying a bow tie would not only elevate your outfit, but also set yourself apart from those who wear pre-tied or clip-on bow ties. Here are the 8 steps to master this gentlemanly skill.

How to Tie a Bow Tie Step by Step Guide
  1. To start with, hang the bow tie flat around the neck with one end about 2 inches longer than the other end. We would indicate the shorter end as A and the longer end as B. 
  2. Cross B over A and bring it up behind A to form a loose knot.
  3. Create a bow tie shape with A by folding it horizontally, with the centre of the bow shape between your collar.
  4. Hold A to maintain a bow tie shape and pull B over A.
  5. Fold B towards the chest horizontally.
  6. Pull B through the loop until B is under A.
  7. Pull both sides of the bow to tighten the knot. To make pulling both sides easier, put your index fingers through each loop when you pull outwards.
  8. To give your bow tie a final touch, centre in between your collar.


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